PN. 3192

Octopus Gamma V2 3000mAh – biodegradable

The compact multi-cable pocket battery always charged and ready to use. Ultra convenient, the Gamma V2 cable re-charges at the same time as your smartphone (when plugged into the mains) allowing it to be used as a power bank with always battery power, for those end of day boosts!

Carbon audit carried out on the life cycle of the product: 1209g of CO2 emitted over the entire life cycle of the product, which is as much as the consumption of 100g of beef.

This product is certified to globally recognised electronic compliance safety standards. It is retail quality and comes with a 1 year warranty.

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• 3000mAh power bank
• Compatible with any device (smartphone, wireless headset, GoPro…)
• Biodegradable plastic and wheat
• Input: USB-C and USB 
• Output: lightning, USB-C & Micro-USB
• Material 70% ABS, 23% TPE, 5% RPET, 2% Biosphere additive
• Lighted charge indicator
• FSC-certified paper




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