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Card Protector Alu MagSafe Money Clip ‘RFID’

Introducing the cutting-edge innovation: the Valenta Aluminum Magnetic card protector with ejector and money clip compatible for MagSafe devices. This cardholder ensures the utmost security and convenience for your daily essentials. With CNC finishing and super-strong MagSafe closing, it’s the perfect solution for those seeking style, durability, and functionality. This MagSafe card protector holds 6 bank cards and has an extra lock to prevent the bank cards falling out of the card case. You only need to push up the button, at the side, to extra secure the cards.

This product is certified to globally recognised electronic compliance safety standards. It is retail quality and comes with a 1 year warranty.

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• RFID protection
• MagSafe
• 6 Cards

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