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Connectivity for a new world – Feb 2016
So what is USB-C? USB-C is the hot, new industry standard for connectivity and power. It is faster, more powerful and better quality for audio and video (4k video and Ultra HD music). Read more 

Technology is beauty – Feb 2016
It’s certainly not news to talk about the integration of fashion and technology; its long been happening in smart watches, smart clothing and more increasingly throughout the household. But now it’s hitting the handbag. Read more 

2016 sees the launch of Technovation’s biggest & best collection yet – Feb 2016
With 2016 comes with it Technovation’s biggest and best collection yet. The diverse range of products all have one thing in common; Connectivity. The gadgets play on our heightened senses of sound, sight and touch and ultimately integrate so closely into our everyday lives making for an excellent promotional product. Find out what’s hot this year. 

What does Apple’s MFi program mean for Promo? – Oct 2015
Apple’s MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) is a licensing program for developers of hardware and software peripherals that work with Apple’s iDevices. Read more

How does the ‘Always on’ culture effect promo? – Oct 2015
The value of instant communication and the wealth of rapidly accessible information are just two reasons that suggest our cultures direction isn’t necessarily a bad one. Read more 

Tablets – Oct 2015
Modern tablets alleviate the disruption & pain of working remotely. Now it’s just about keeping them charged. Find out how to not only meet the promo brief, but the power brief. Read more

Millennials and Smartphones – Sept 2015
As the smart device becomes deeply entrenched in our daily lives its apparent being separated from the precious smartphone is a prospect to be feared. Read more

Push Alerts – Sept 2015
Push alerts in our pockets and on our wrists are increasingly keeping us informed of daily tasks, breaking news and social media notifications. Read more 

Wireless Charging – June 2015
How long until you walk into a room and your devices charge wirelessly, effortlessly, automatically? Read more

Wireless devices steal the march in the booming digital health market – May 2015
The latest Bluetooth devices and their ability to track, manage and monitor health goals and achievements contribute enormously to the surging digital health revolution. Read more

Promotional products work say 8 out of 10 people surveyed – May 2015
Here’s why

Chromebit, a stick that turns any display into a PC! – April 2015
Google unveils Chromebit, a stick that turns any display into a PC! Priced at less than US$100 it’s expected to launch this Winter. Read more

The global community could truly be expanding – April 2015
The ever-changing world of wireless Internet access keeps an eagle eye on Facebook’s drone and satellite effort, which would ultimately connect four to five billion more people to the Internet. Read more

Wearable technology advances – March 2015
Disney’s MagicBands truly are a great example of wearable technology. Read more

The evolution to port-barren devices – March 2015
How we push data to and from our machines constantly evolves thanks to the steady progress of new standards, faster wireless connectivity, streaming services, and the cloud. It is often the case however, that Apple tend to anticipate these changes, and in some cases force the issue. Read more

How to choose the right power bank – Feb 2015
The buyers guide to choosing the right power bank. What, Why, Where, Which all answered, Read more

Activity Trackers –Feb 2015
As the hype around wearable technology reaches fever pitch we find the leader of the pack is still the Activity Tracker, these devices are fast becoming those we cannot live without. Read more

Wearable Technology – June 2014
Wearable Technology is “The Buzz” term on all the movers and shakers lips right now! The speed at which this technology sphere is growing means all the industry leaders are vying for market share. Read more 

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