Tablets alleviate the disruption & pain of working remotely. Now it’s just keeping them charged

At first glance tablets may look like a step down from a full sized laptop but thanks to their emphasis on portability, tablets offer advantages the bulkier laptop does not. One of the most distinguishing factors is their size, with the majority easily fitting inside a backpack or purse.

Despite this smaller size, tablets are increasingly able to match the performance of their larger cousins in the delivery of content such as books, games or videos. It’s a harmony of high-end performance yet being lightweight enough to hold in your hands.

Tablets come in many forms and sizes so what do we consider the most important factors? In general, its speed, portability, display and camera.

As the demands of our on-the-go lifestyles increase tablets are stepping up to the mark to nearly entirely alleviate the associated disruption and pain with working away from the office or home.  Although reducing in physical weight the newest models on the market are packing some heavyweight components such as better processors, graphics cards and operating systems allowing for the conduct of high-intensively tasks.

Ultimately, we need lengthy battery run times to power such tasks without being tied to a plug in the wall. Battery capacity ranges considerably across the market from 5124mAh (latest iPad Mini 4) to 11000mAh in the newest iPad Pro which is a considerable jump from the Air2 (7320mAh) in which the device was modeled. Paired with the right powerbank to provide the on-the-go power source the latest models really can claim to be a viable laptop-tablet hybrid.

To charge a tablet at a speed that’s compatible with our busy lives you need a power source with a sufficient output – at least 2 Ampere.

With great branding options the below powerbanks not only meet the promo brief but most importantly the power brief.

3141 Squid 10400mAh
3150 Portable Charger Pro Plus 10200mAh
3139 Squid 8000mAh
3143 Icebang2 6000mAh
1492 Solar Charger 6000mAh
3138 Squid Mini 5200mAh

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