2016 sees the launch of Technovation’s biggest & best collection yet


With 2016 comes with it Technovation’s biggest and best collection yet. The diverse range of products all have one thing in common; connectivity. The gadgets play on our heightened senses of sound, sight and touch and ultimately integrate so closely into our everyday lives making for an excellent promotional product.

The best promotional gadgets are those that stay in view daily. What makes this happen? A mix of design, quality and specification.

We work closely with our supply partners across the globe to ensure peace of mind for your company via total focus on compliance through ethical sourcing, top quality materials and technical consultation. This is what makes our 2016 collection different from all the other generalists; we’re the specialists.

What makes this range bigger and better?
This year we’re seeing the integration of technologies & needs in to one single device; sound & power, music & hydration, exercise & communication, beauty & charge etc. This gives us promo lovers a lot to talk about.

We’re confident choosing a gadget from us, will make your logo stay in sight for longer as its proven that gadgets are amongst the most used promotional products today, and we like to think our products give that little bit MORE.

View the Collection.

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