PN. 2088

Mr Bio Long Charging Cable ‘Recycled plastic’

Mr. Bio Long will go to great lenghts to keep your devices charged and at your disposal. With it’s 1m cable and dual input connector (USB-C / USB-A) and USB-C, Micro-USB and Lightning output connectors are compatible with all types of devices (smartphone, wireless headset, GoPro etc.). Made from recycled plastic makes this cable the most sustainable charging decision you could make.

0.21kg of CO2 emitted over the entire life cycle of the product, the equivalent of a 200m car journey.

This product is certified to globally recognised electronic compliance safety standards. It is retail quality and comes with a 1 year warranty.

• Extra long 1 meter cable with USB & USB-C
• Output USB-C, Micro-USB Lightning
• Recycled plastic
• Xoopar

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