PN. 4800

‘Ulla’ Water Hydration Reminder

Drink 3-times more water, get healthier, have more energy and avoid headaches with Ulla – your personal hydration coach. Ulla works with bottles of any shape, size & material. If you forget to drink, smart detection sensors remind you via a flashing LED (no sound) to hydrate. Optimal hydration boosts metabolism improves productivity & does wonders for your skin.

This product is certified to globally recognised electronic compliance safety standards. It is retail quality and comes with a 1 year warranty.

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• Reminds you to hydrate
• Blinks before dehydration kicks in
• Tracks when you drink
• Fits on any water bottle
• Fully automated
• Auto ON/OFF
• Daylight sensor
• Proximity sensor
•Battery life 6 months
• Battery type CR2032 coin cell
• BPA-Free PolyPropylene
• Weight 28 g
• Working temp 0°C to +70°C
• High precision 3-axis accelerometer
• Ambient light sensor
• Thermometer

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