How does the ‘Always on’ culture effect promo?

The basis of the ‘always on’ culture is that we are constantly connected and networked. The value of instant communication and the wealth of rapidly accessible information are just two reasons that suggest our cultures direction isn’t necessarily a bad one.

The workplace has long been that area of people’s lives subject to the expectation of being available 24/7, to respond to any minor query. But this responsiveness is now increasingly becoming a widespread cultural demand across our public and private lives.

We only need to look across the existing landscape to appreciate the enormity of this cultural shift:

–  3bn active internet users
–  2bn active social media accounts
–  1.5bn daily internet searches
–  Content on the internet has tripled over the last few years
–  On average people use a mobile device 150 times a day (around 2 hours) and a high proportion of that is multi screening

Since Q4 2012 to Q4 2014 we’ve seen a 500% increase in mobile and tablet viewing. It’s obvious how people want to, and are consuming information.

Consequently for the world of promotions its evident that being in peoples lives, offering a product of real lifestyle value, being personalised and timely, and ultimately rewarding loyalty in an ever competitive world has never been more important.

The promotional industry can easily dovetail with the ‘always on’ culture by addressing the needs and wants of the everyday lifestyle; convenience, mobility, freedom, knowledge, speed and integration just to name a few.

Technology gifts meet this brief time and time again.

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