Devices and their connectors

How we push data to and from our machines constantly evolves thanks to the steady progress of new standards, faster wireless connectivity, streaming services, and the cloud. It is often the case however, that Apple tend to anticipate these changes, and in some cases force the issue.

The launch of the new MacBook looks like it will create waves in the industry again by forcing a trend of port-barren devices. Apple is stripping the ultraportable MacBook of everything and using USB-C only.  USB-C is a standard and can shuttle data at 5Gbps (gigabytes per second), it can charge and be charged, it supports video out and…it’s tiny. Whilst USB-C offers this versatility, for many, this means the only way to get your current device to play nice is to use an adapter.

Traditionally a laptop with plenty of connectivity makes port-barren devices in our pockets so easy, this shift will however have most of us resorting to multifunctional adapters or wireless cloud services.

Being aware of these market shifts and sourcing wisely is what achieves successful and engaging promo campaigns.

Technovation has the charging solution for all traditional smart devices and is working to provide a USB-C solution.

3160 Xoopar Octopus Config

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