Our increasing dependency on smartphones

As the smart device becomes deeply entrenched in our daily lives its apparent being separated from the precious smartphone is a prospect to be feared.

Daily tasks are planned, managed and often achieved through our smartphone, none more so than for the millennial population (defined as individuals born from 1981 to 1997).

Millennials love their smartphones….87% = ‘Smartphone never leaves my side’

Millennial Smartphones

Millennials expect flexibility and like technology @ work.

  • Many = expect to be mobile & work from home / office / cafes at will
  • 20% = identify as ‘night owls’ (often work outside ‘normal’ business hours)
  • 32% = believe they will be working ‘mainly flexible hours’ in the future
  • 34% = prefer to collaborate online at work as opposed to in-person or via phone (vs. 19% for older generations)
  • 45% = use personal smartphones for work purposes (vs. 18% for older generations)
  • 41% = likely to download applications to use for work purposes in next 12 months & use their own money to pay for them (vs. 24% for older generations).


Camera and video functions are an integral part of smartphone usage and modern communication techniques. Nearly half the millennial population relies on this function daily, with 76% of its entire usage for being communicating on social media.

Millienial Smartphones

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SOURCE: Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends.
Zogby Analytics
1019 Millennials surveyed in USA.
For the purpose of the survey Millennials were defined as adults between the age of 18-34. Interviews completed 2014.

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