Push alerts in our pockets and on our wrists are increasingly keeping us informed of daily tasks, breaking news and social media notifications.

Mobile phone pings have been a part of our daily lives for some time; but now they are getting more personal. Not only are they on your smartphone but now on your smart watch; one glance at your wrist can remind you of that so important task that had previously slipped your mind.

Push alerts are taking over precious mobile and smart watch homescreens – bringing news and notifications front and centre no matter where you are, what you’re doing and what time of day it is.

We are all increasingly inundated in our everyday lives with media and our attention is becoming fragmented.  Push alerts however buzz, flash and ring for our attention. They are now part of our favourite wearables and becoming a necessary part of our daily routines.

Without them to remind us, update us and encourage us to take action, would we be ticking our way through the to do list so quickly, probably not.

Next generation promo activity trackers are now moving into the world of ‘smart’ features, they’re not only about the setting and monitoring of lifestyle goals but are progressively integrating into our daily life for media consumption.

Make sure you’re front and centre with ideas to meet your clients wearables brief with the 4816 Activity Tracker Premium Plus. 

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