Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology is “The Buzz” term on all the movers and shakers lips right now! The speed at which this technology sphere is growing means all the industry leaders are vying for market share.

But what is wearable Technology and why does everyone want a piece of the action?

Essentially, it’s a wearable device incorporating a computer and advanced electronic technology, often incorporating practical functions and features, like a watch or glasses.

We have fitness watches and wristbands that tell us how many steps we’re taking a day, the amount of exercise we’ve done, and even how much sleep we’ve had. All of which can be monitored online through the setting of goals and minute-by-minute tracking. We’re becoming increasingly social in this area, through sharing of exercise plans, goals and achievements with friends and family.  If a watch or wristband has the power to do this then what is next I hear you ask…

Well, in this competitive market space we’re starting to see the use of smartphone watches activated by touch and voice. Simply raise your hand to your ear to make or receive a call, take a picture, record a video or access your apps. With all this control on your wrist what could the rest of your body be doing?

Let’s start with your eyes. With the introduction of smart glasses you are now able to take a photograph, record a video, ask a question and share everything via a simple voice command. Ever wondered how much the steal works of Sydney Harbour Bridge weighs; the glasses can tell you…52,800 Tonnes. Smart glasses can help you capture and share moments in real time without having to lift a finger.

How about your ears? Maybe health monitoring headphones or earbuds that are able to track the user’s heart rate, temperature & perspiration during exercise. Could this be the next big thing?

All of the above is ground breaking technology with the greatest minds inventing new ways for us to monitor, share and like. However it’s all very well using the most accurate, cutting edge technology on your wrist, face or sitting in your ear capturing that all important fastest lap, picture or monitoring heart rate, but if the product is not on trend and on brand then it won’t be worn and ultimately has zero value.

At Technovation, we constantly ensure our products not only use the latest innovative technology but are also on trend and on brand, making sure your company name is at the forefront of any promotion, and any shift in lifestyle trend.

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