Wireless devices steal the march in the booming digital health market

The benefits of Digital Health are huge, they include the empowerment of consumers to better track, manage, and improve their own and their family’s health.

Investment in this sector is growing rapidly; 2014 saw a 125% increase year-over-year. Aggregate investing in digital health remarkably surpassed that in traditional healthcare and medical devices for the same period.

Its not surprising that wireless devices are stealing the march in this booming market with their extensive contribution to mHealth (mobile health). The latest Bluetooth devices and their ability to track, manage and monitor health goals and achievements contribute enormously to the surging digital health revolution.

Social networking and its capacity to share activities, interests and achievements with your online community is a fundamental characteristic of mHealth. An App driven device with the ability to instantly share and connect is becoming a basic essential in the consumers’ arsenal of health gadgets.

The phrase ‘Precision Training’ has been bandied around gyms for decades but now it’s about ‘Precision Health’ and analysing and sharing fitness in the most granular of detail.

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